Relevant Experience

Istanbul Sariyer Municipalty Landscape Design 

  • The Project about Sustainable Botanical Park Design in Istanbul. Designed 2014-2050 how it will be change and how we can protect the area.
  • Istanbul is Turkey’s also fastest growing city.

haci-osman-istanbul-botanical-park-project-2 haci-osman-istanbul-botanical-park-project-3 haci-osman-istanbul-botanical-park-project-5 haci-osman-istanbul-botanical-park-project

IPA(International Play Association) Playground Area Design Project (Istanbul, mar-jun 2014)

  • Safety, educational, ecological, accessible and functional design. for all ages childs.

-Particiated in Sunset Senato Master Plan Project (Vietnam, Jan 2014)

  • Designed street lights,
  • Drawn to water and electric city plan.
  • Landmark area idea, designed and drawn. -Functional fountain design

-Bartin University Sustainable & Green Campus Design Project (Bartin, Feb-Jul 2013) 

  • Eco-friendly measures are the use of solar cells, wast recycling, biking in the new campus, using wind power energy…

bartin-university-green-campus-designa-2bartin-university-green-campus-designa bartin-university-green-campus-designa-3bartin-university-green-campus-designa-4

-Sustainable Library Desing for Bartin University


-Sustainable Urban Design (Karabuk City, Turkey) (2012)

-Municapality of Bartın City (Bartın, 2012) (Department of Garden Work)

-TOKI Building Complex Landscape Design(2011)

-Ortakent Yahsi Municipality Project (Bodrum, Turkey) 2011 Artvin Sarp Border Gate Area Landscape Project (Uctea Chamber of Landscape Architectures)(Artvin, 2011)

-Bartın University 2011-2012 Photographer, 360 Degree Virtual Tour -West Black Sea Development as a Photographer (Blacksea Region Turkey, 2012) -Erol GÜLER’s House Landscape Design (2010)