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Prague Historical Photo Walk

We will discuss the length and locations in advance. It will be completely up to you. We can walk through historical heart of the Prague or we can show you the best view-point and take some photos there.

PRague Pre-Wedding Photographer

Pre-wedding photos are great to capture what makes your relationship special while you feel more relaxed than on your actual wedding day. We are also helping yo to organize marriage Proposal, make your day unforgettable!

Prague 360° Property Photographer

Google 360 degree photography is helping customers to choose a hotel, rental apartment or restaurant! We are taking 360 degree 3D VR photos. You can use it for your webpage or other marketing accounts.

Engament | Marriage Proposal Photography

Getting engaged and married in Prague can easily be one of the romantic experiences you can ask for. Engagements, proposals and couple photos in Prague.

Event Photographer

Are you planning to organize conference, concert, private sport event or party in Prague? We will help you to make these important moments unforgettable.

Prague Vacation Photographer

I love meeting people! Let's contact m for your vacation in Prague! And make your trip unforgettable with taking your photos and walking around with you and your family! I will be sharing tips and the best photo spots in Prague.

Prague Photography

We firmly believe that every story should be experienced in full before being told, only then can I have a clear idea of what will be the final epilogue.
For me, photographing a wedding in Prague, your wedding, is not just a job, it is something more, and that’s why I push myself to the limits of my emotions in order to be a good storyteller. I feel your excitement, your fear, your joy, your happiness and the love you have for each other, and only by experiencing this whirlwind of emotions first hand am I able to become part of your day.

Prague Wedding Photography - Pre-wedding - Engagement and Couple

Your vacation or pre-wedding day documented as it naturally flows, giving you authentic photos and real memories captured in time in Prague. Here you can find some of our photos taken by me at Prague Old Town Square, Petrin Park, Letna Park, Vsherad Park etc. We can organize your Prague trip together! 

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