5 Tips for the Perfect Prague Pre-Wedding Photoshoot


Are you planning a pre-wedding photoshoot in the beautiful city of Prague? Congratulations! Prague offers a stunning backdrop for capturing your love and creating memories that will last a lifetime. To ensure that your pre-wedding photoshoot in Prague is absolutely perfect, here are five tips that will help you make the most of this enchanting city and create truly magical photographs.


Prague pre-wedding photography

Tip 1: Location Scouting – Finding Hidden Gems & Best Locations for Photoshoot

One of the keys to a perfect pre-wedding photoshoot in Prague is to find unique and picturesque locations that will elevate the beauty of your photographs. While popular spots like Charles Bridge and Prague Castle are undoubtedly stunning, consider exploring lesser-known areas as well. Take some time to wander through the charming streets of Lesser Town (Mala Strana) or venture into the serene courtyards of Prague’s Old Town. These hidden gems will add an extra touch of romance and exclusivity to your photos.


Prague pre-wedding photography great view points photo by Kemal Onur Ozman

Tip 2: Timing is Everything – The Golden Hour Magic

Prague exudes a different kind of magic during the golden hour, which refers to the period just after sunrise or before sunset. The soft, warm light during this time of the day casts a beautiful glow on everything it touches. Plan your pre-wedding photoshoot during the golden hour to capture the stunning architecture, cobblestone streets, and breathtaking landscapes of Prague in the most enchanting way possible. The romantic ambiance created by the golden hour will add an ethereal quality to your photographs, making them truly unforgettable.


Prague pre-wedding photography Golden hour in the morning less peole on the Charles Bridge

Tip 3: Wardrobe Choices – Dress to Impress

When it comes to a pre-wedding photoshoot in Prague, your wardrobe choices play a crucial role in creating visually stunning images. Opt for outfits that complement the romantic and timeless charm of the city. Flowing dresses, tailored suits, and elegant attire will add a touch of sophistication to your photos. Consider selecting outfits in colors that harmonize with the pastel-colored buildings and the lush greenery of Prague’s parks. By dressing to impress, you’ll enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your pre-wedding photoshoot.

Tip 4: Embrace the Local Culture – Incorporate Czech Traditions

To add an authentic touch to your pre-wedding photoshoot in Prague, consider incorporating elements of Czech culture and traditions. For example, you could include traditional Czech attire, such as a folk costume or a traditional hat, in some of your photographs. You could also pose in front of iconic landmarks like the Astronomical Clock, Prague Castle or the Dancing House to showcase the unique character of Prague.Add the photo with the Trdelnik (Chimney Cake). By embracing the local culture, you’ll infuse your photos with a sense of place and create a deeper connection to the city.

prague wedding photography 218

Prague pre-wedding photography by Kemal Onur Ozman

Tip 5: Hire a Professional Photographer – Capturing the Essence

While it may be tempting to rely on smartphones or amateur photographers for your pre-wedding photoshoot, investing in a professional photographer is essential for capturing the essence and beauty of Prague. A professional photographer with experience in pre-wedding photoshoots will know the best angles, lighting techniques, and compositions to create stunning visuals. They will also have an intimate understanding of Prague’s most photogenic locations, ensuring that every shot is truly captivating. By hiring a professional photographer, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy the process, knowing that your memories are in expert hands. ANd I will be helping you for this reason. If you like my portfolio and photos I will be glad to hear from you!

5 Tips for the Perfect Prague Pre-Wedding Photoshoot – FAQs

FAQ 1: How far in advance should I plan my pre-wedding photoshoot in Prague?

It’s recommended to start planning your pre-wedding photoshoot in Prague at least three to six months in advance. This will allow you enough time to research locations, find a place at the photographer’s and hotels callender, and make any necessary arrangements for permits or permissions, especially if you plan to shoot in iconic landmarks or private venues.

FAQ 2: Are there any specific permits required for a pre-wedding photoshoot in Prague?

Some of the locations yes, in Prague may require permits for professional photography. It’s essential to check the specific requirements for your chosen locations. Your photographer or a local wedding planner can guide you through the process of obtaining the necessary permits to ensure a smooth and hassle-free photoshoot.

FAQ 3: Can you recommend some lesser-known locations in Prague for a pre-wedding photoshoot?

Certainly! Apart from the well-known spots, consider exploring the picturesque Vyšehrad area with its stunning views of the city, the charming Letná Park with its famous Metronome and scenic paths, or the colorful gardens of Vrtba Garden, Wallenstein Garden. These locations offer a unique and intimate atmosphere, perfect for capturing beautiful pre-wedding photographs.

FAQ 4: What should we expect during the pre-wedding photoshoot session?

During the pre-wedding photoshoot, your professional photographer will guide you through various poses and angles to capture your love and chemistry. They will provide direction and make use of the natural surroundings to create stunning compositions. Relax, enjoy the process, and trust in the expertise of your photographer to capture the perfect moments.

FAQ 5: How long does a pre-wedding photoshoot in Prague usually last?

The duration of a pre-wedding photoshoot in Prague can vary depending on the locations chosen and the package you opt for. On average, a photoshoot can last anywhere between two to five hours. Discuss your preferences and schedule with your photographer to determine the ideal timeframe that suits your needs.


A pre-wedding photoshoot in Prague is a magical experience that allows you to capture the essence of your love amidst the captivating backdrop of this enchanting city. By following the five tips mentioned above – location scouting, timing, wardrobe choices, embracing the local culture, and hiring a professional photographer – you’ll be well on your way to creating the perfect pre-wedding photographs that reflect your unique love story.

Remember to plan in advance, explore both popular and lesser-known locations, dress to impress, infuse Czech traditions, and trust in the expertise of a professional photographer. With these tips, your pre-wedding photoshoot in Prague is sure to be an unforgettable experience that results in stunning photographs you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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