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Prague Castle History & Entrance Fees

Prague is  dominated by the exclusive landmark of Pražský hrad (Prague Castle), the vast hilltop complex that looks out over the city centre from the west bank of the River Vltava. Site of a Slav settlement in the seventh or eighth century AD, there’s been a castle here since at least the late ninth century, and since then whoever has had control of the Hrad has exercised authority over the Czech Lands.

Still serving for Czech President

It continues to serve as the seat of the president, though the public are free to wander round from the early hours until late at night, since the castle is also home to several museums and galleries.

Prague Castle Church

Visiting the Prague Castle

You can wander freely through most of the streets, courtyards and gardens of the castle and watch the changing of the guard without a ticket. For the sights within the castle (excluding the cathedral) there are two main types of multi-entry ticket available: the velký okruh or long tour (350Kč), which gives you entry to most sights, including the Old Royal Palace, the Basilica and Convent of sv Jiří, the Prague Castle Picture Gallery and the Zlatá ulička; and the malý okruh or short tour (250Kč), which only covers the Old Royal Palace, the Basilica of sv Jiří and the Zlatá ulička. Tickets are valid for two days and available from several places, including the main information centre in the third courtyard, opposite the cathedral, where you can also rent an English-language audioguide (200Kč for 2hr).

The Most Popular Places for Daily Trip Around Prague

The most popular destinations for daily trips are the castles of Karlštejn and Konopiště, both surrounded by beautiful wooded countryside. Alternatively you can head north, away from the hills and the tourist crowds, to the wine town of Mělník, perched high above the confluence of the Vltava and Labe (Elbe) rivers. Further north is Terezín, the wartime Jewish ghetto that is a living testament to the Holocaust. One of the most popular day-trips is to the medieval silver-mining (area) town of Kutná Hora, 60km to the east of Prague, which boasts a glorious Gothic cathedral and a macabre ossuary.

What To Weat For Photoshoot in Prague

Getting your picture taken is an exciting event whether you’re doing it alone or with your family. However, there is nothing worse than having your photo taken and then being disappointed when you see the end result because it is clear that you wore the wrong outfit. There are several things you can do with regards to clothes you wear to your photo shoot so that you can be sure that you will be happy with the results.

Choose Clothes You Feel Good In

Select an outfit that makes you want to smile. If you wear something that you feel ambivalent about or that you hate–maybe because someone asked you to wear it–you aren’t going to be happy.

Don’t Fully Match Up Your Outfits

One of the worst things you can do with a family photograph is have everyone wearing the same colors and fabrics. This can make the photograph look overdone, and inevitably someone is going to wind up looking less than stellar and maybe even dowdy. Instead choose colors that compliment each other; you’ll be far happier with the photograph.

Choose a Style

Group photo shoots can be great, especially when everyone is on the same page. It’s important with group shoots for the group to choose a particular style such as casual or dressy. That way you don’t have someone show up with a dressy outfit, someone else with a casual outfit and someone else with a contemporary outfit. If this does happen it can throw off the balance of the photo.

Consider Using Props

Props are nice whether you’re having your photo taken alone or with a group. Props can help you to get different looks for different photos. A hat or a piece of jewelry might work with a dressy outfit, or a sports team may want to have sports equipment in the photo. Props can help to define your personality.

Keep Your Destination in Mind

Destination actually plays a bigger part than you might think when choosing clothes for your photo shoot. For example, if the photo shoot is taking place at work and you work for a Fortune 500 company, you would want to wear a suit. However, if the photo shoot is taking place at your college you could choose something more casual, such as a nice pair of pants and top for women and dress shirts for guys.

Avoid Busy Patterns

Too many busy patterns in a photograph can cause problems with the end result. However, if you balance out your patterns with solids, this will help keep your photo from looking outdated in a few months. Fashions change overnight and sticking to classic solids and patterns will ensure your photographs don’t end up looking outdated in a short amount of time.

How to Save Money at Prague Hotels

Many hotels set their prices depending on the koruna’s market rate against the euro, so prices change frequently.

Czech hotel reception attendants have little interest in haggling over room rates. Usually they don’t have authorization to veer away from the listed rates, and few have been instructed to jiggle the price in order to make a sale. However, times are changing as occupancy rates fluctuate and competition increases. Your best chance for getting a better rate is calling in advance and getting a very senior manager (preferably the owner) to book your room. Be clear that you’re looking at other proper- ties and don’t be afraid to say that price does matter.

Check with a few other places first before making a final decision. In each case, ask how many rooms they still have available for the night. If it sounds as though there are plenty of rooms around town, you’re in a great negotiating position. Then find the manager at the place you want and push him or her for a lower rate. You can also seek a higher discount for a longer stay.

Prague Professional Instagram (IG) Photographer

Hi There! This experience is for solo travellers of photography lovers who just want to walk around and explore amazing places here in Prague with local experienced photographers. Just let us know your expectations and we’ll do everything possible to meet them. I love taking photos and I’d love to share this passion with you. And show you around Prague!

Prague Family Photo-shoot Simona & Hudson Siblings

Simona & Hudson siglings are from Australia. Hudson came form London and Simona came from Queensland to see each other and enjoy in Prague. It was big pleasure to visit around prague together and show them around also took their photos to remmeber the time in Prague forever.

Prague Solo Traveller – Elaine

Elaine is a photographer, artist & traveller! She was in Germany and Czech Republic for a short trip. I’ve met her just to take Prague vacation photos but now I feel that I have a friend forever! It was amazing to walk around with her talking about entrepreneurship, new business ideas and delivering her to photos from Prague to remember forever!

Franciscan Garden Prague

This unique natural oasis in the city center is furnished with a number of benches, over which span metal arches laden with roses in the summer. Lawn areas are separated by low yew hedges, and the garden is completed with several interesting sculptures, fountains, a gazebo, a playground, fruit trees and herb beds, which harken back to the former owners, the Carmelites and the Franciscans, who once grew herbs and spices here.

How Much is Enterance Fee

It’s FREE public garden.

How Can I Reach Franciscan Garden?

Best way to go there leave the subway at Mustek station and walk 2-3 min.


Franciscan Garden (Františkánská zahrada) Jungmannovo náměstí 110 00 Praha 1- Nové Město +420 221 097 23


Rent a Tram For Wedding

The Prague Public Transit Company, a joint-stock company, provides sightseeing tours on trams – not just historic but also T3 Měsíček or T3 Coupé sightseeing vehicles – throughout the entire year. Those who are interested in riding can choose the route, the length of the duration of the tour and also the places of boarding and exiting. A ride in the tram can be livened up with refreshments, a musical accompaniment and guide services that we organise through external providers of these services.

The price of the ride is charged for each hour started from the time when the tram leaves the Střešovice Depot, Prague 6 – Patočkova 4 until its arrival back to the depot. The inception of the ride can be chosen from anywhere within the entire electric railways network. The best option, however, is to begin and end the ride at the Střešovice Depot, where your bus can be parked during the event.

A tour of the Public Transport Museum can be a suitable accompaniment to your trip. The museum features a unique collection of artefacts related the history of public transport in the Capital City of the Czech Republic. A permanent exhibition of the “Museum of Public Transport in Prague” was opened in May 1993 by the Prague Public Transit Company, a joint-stock company. It displays more than forty historical vehicles to the public and many other exhibits such as models, photographs, historical documents, tickets, maps, etc.

Which route to choose?

If you want to see the historical sights of Prague, we recommend taking a ride along the following route: vozovna Střešovice (the depot), Hradčanská, Strossmayerovo náměstí, Náměstí Republiky, Národní divadlo, Staroměstská, Malostranská, Pražský hrad, Brusnice again terminating at the Střešovice Depot. The cost of the journey along this route corresponds to the cost of a ride of one hour.

In the Střešovice Depot we also offer rental of the space that houses the Public Transport Museum and the Depot Hall. The interior of the hall can be adjusted and turned into an attractive space for hosting not only social, corporate and similar events, but also concerts too. The historical trams greatly contribute to the unusual atmosphere of this space. The hall can seat up to 800 people. For smaller events of not more than approximately 80 people it is also possible to use the premises of the Public Transport Museum.

Rental Information

Tel.: 296 193 329
e-mail: [email protected]

The Price List of Tram Rides

The total prices must be paid in full prior to the commencement of the ride. On public holidays we charge a premium in the amount of 10 %.

Type of vehicle Price including VAT 21% Rental period and seating capacity
A historic tram 4,700 CZK 1 hour (cca. 24 passengers)
A historic tram and a towed tramcar 6,700 CZK 1 hour (cca. 60 passengers)
A historic tram and 2 towed tramcars 8,700 CZK 1 hour (cca. 60 passengers)
The T1 tramcar (from the year 1951) 4,700 CZK 1 hour (cca. 26 passengers)
The T3 tramcar 3,500 CZK 1 hour (cca. 24 passengers)
The T3 Měsíček sightseeing railcar 4,500 CZK 1 hour (cca. 50 passengers)
The T3 Coupé sightseeing railcar 7,700 CZK 1 hour (cca. 31 passengers)

If you are interested in riding a historic tram, please fill in the order form using Excel and send it to the above contact information.
Please send the order at least 10 working days prior to the commencement of your journey. Your order becomes binding at the time of its sending. If you are interested in several journeys (even within one day), it is necessary to complete and submit the form for each ride separately.

The rental prices for the Hall No. 4

  • Hall No. 4 with a capacity of 800 people: the price per day is CZK 60,500 exclusive of VAT + energy costs, staffing, etc.
  • Renting the premises of the Public Transit Museum as part of an event: the price is CZK 15,000 exclusive of VAT
  • Renting a room for catering purposes: CZK 3,000 exclusive of VAT
  • The installation of historic trams in the hall as part of the decoration: CZK 2,500 exclusive of VAT

In the event of your serious interest in renting hall No. 4, please fill in the form and send it to the above mentioned contact. Please send your request no later than 30 days prior to the commencement of the event.

Additional services

  • Refreshments – The current price lists of the providers of these services can be mailed on request. In the event of the own provision of the refreshment the total price of the ride will be increased by 25%.
  • Musical performance – From external suppliers it is possible to provide performances of music by an accordionist for CZK 1200 inclusive of VAT and by a jazz band for the price of CZK 4,840 inclusive of VAT.
  • Guide services – From external suppliers it is possible to provide guide services (also in foreign languages) for CZK 2,000 per hour inclusive of VAT.

Petrin Park (Prague) – Photo Walk Tour

Petrin Park History & Photography Places

The name Petrin – Petřínská rozhledna (Petrin Tower) the hill know as Petřín used to have different names in the past. First it was called Hora (Mountain), Kopec (Hill) or St. Lawrence Hill according to the church on its top. The name Petřín was derived from the mountainous surface of the hill. There used to be so-called Petřín quarries and due to the many rocks (“petrae” in Latin) it was later called Petřín.

Roman Quarries at Petrin Shaped the Buildings of Prague

The first quarries started to occur in the Petřín territory In the Romanesque period. The stone called opuka (aranaceous marlstone) was later used as building material for a great number of Prague houses. Before opuka started to be mined here Petřín had been completely covered by trees.

Dark side Of  Petrin

There used to be a significant gallows close to the the present St. Lawrence Church in the past. Not just common criminals were executed here but even people convicted for political reasons. When the representatives of the Přemyslid dynasty massacred the Slavníkovec family in Libice in 995, they slaughtered some of them right on the Petřín gallows. After the Hunger Wall had been built in the Gothic period this place of execution was cancelled. The executions took place behind the town fortifications or on Šibeniční vrch (Gallows Hill).

When the Hunger Wall was finished based on the command of Charles IV some handicraftsmen had to move to its neighbourhood. These handicrafts were basically very disturbing for other people – blacksmiths, kettlesmith, coopers and many more. During this period extensive vineyards were founded on Petřín.

Merriage Proposal at Petrin Park

Sight Seeing at Petrin

  • Colourful garden of Petrin
  • Petřín lookout tower
  • Petřín funicular
  • Hunger Wall
  • Mirror Maze
  • Rose Garden
  • Štefánik’s Observatory
  • Strahov Stadium
  • St Lawrence Cathedral
  • St. Michael the Archangel Church (wooden church from the second half of the 17th century in Boyko style, transferred from Subcarpathian Ruthenia in 1929)[3]
  • Memorial to the Victims of Communism