Stromovka Park

Stromovka is  Royal deer-park, better known as the Stromovka, Prague’s largest park. This roughly 100 hectare (250 acre) site is open every day to a whole visitors. It has beautiful playground, lakes, swans, ducks, squirrels etc.

History of Prague Stramovka Park

The most beautiful Stromovka park building is Šlechtova restaurant, originally the Royal Hall from 1689-1691. The large hall was adorned with frescoes by J. Jakub Steinfels depicting Apollo, Venus and Cupid, and other legendary scenes.

Stramovka Park Plan Map

Stramovka Park Map

Here is the map location;

Stramovka Park Playground Area

There are beautiful playgrounds from 3-10 years old could enjoy at the nature and games.

Wallenstein Garden (Valdštejnská zahrada)

This strictly geometrically designed early Prague Baroque garden. It was created in parallel with the construction of the Wallenstein Palace from 1623 to 1629. At first sight, one’s eyes are drawn to the massive sala pavilion, which at the time of its construction was unprecedented, and an artificial cave with stalactites (grotto).

Photos From the Beutiful Baroque Garden

In summer lot of locals come here for concerts and theatrical performances.

Note: It’s Open from April to October

Walledstein Garden Solo Photoshoot

The Baroque garden is generaly one of our photoshoot destination in Prague.


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Dancing House (Tančící dům) – Prague

When Dancing House (Tančící dům) built? : Modern architecture in Prague “danced” onto the Rašínovo Embankment in 1996.

Who is the Architect? The project comes from the drawing board of world-renowned architects Vlado Milunić and Frank O. Gehry.

Its concept was inspired by the dance skills of the famous film couple – the stone tower symbolizes Fred Astaire and the glass tower, his partner Ginger Rogers.

A gallery and a restaurant with a terrace offering a 360° view for who wants to see Prague.


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Kampa Island

Kampa Park in The Island

This park island between the Vltava River and its side branch, Čertovka, where you can see the big mill wheel from 15th century former Grand Priory Mill.

Charles Bridge Stairs (Direct Connection with the Bridge)

One of the most Picturesque places in Prague beautiful simetry and historical view…

Not surprisingly, the prestigious traveler’s server Virtual Tourist declared it the second most beautiful city island in the world. Grassy areas of the island are widely used for picnics and relaxation. And you can see many locals with their dog running around or playing.

Kampa Island View Points




Obora Hvězda (Star Shape Building & Hunting Area)

This large park, with three majestic tree-lined avenues that served as entertainment and hunting for Renaissance aristocracy, is today a place where you go for walks with the dogs to relax, jog, ride a bike, ski or play on the playground with your kids/family.

The area has maintained its atmosphere, thanks in part of the summer palace with its atypical six-pointed star (hvězda) shape  from which both the park and the palace get their names.

Well House Obora Hvezda:

In the middle part of the Hvězda Game Reserve, you will find a Well House which was used to supply water to the park administrator’s house. The well is more than 32 m deep.

History of the Place:

Nearby Bílá hora, there is a game preserve named Hvězda (Star) spread on 86.5 ha; the original name was Nová (New) to distinguish from the Royal Game Preserve in Bubeneč. It is situated 320 – 370 m above sea level. It was established by Ferdinand I on a land plot belonging to the Břevnov Monastery in a forest named Malejov in 1534 (


Where is the Park Location?

Historical park located in West side of the Prague.

Prague Castle History & Entrance Fees

Prague is  dominated by the exclusive landmark of Pražský hrad (Prague Castle), the vast hilltop complex that looks out over the city centre from the west bank of the  beautiful Vltava River. Site of a Slav settlement in the 7th – 8th century AD, there’s been a castle here since at least the late 9th century, and since then whoever has had control of the Hrad has exercised authority over the Czech Lands.

Is Czech President still living in the Prague Castle?

It continues to serve as the seat of the president, though the public are free to wander round from the early hours until late at night, since the castle is also home to several museums and galleries.

Prague Castle Church/Cathedral

Visiting the Prague Castle

You can wander freely through most of the streets, courtyards and gardens of the castle and watch the changing of the guard without a ticket. For the sights within the castle (excluding the cathedral) there are two main types of multi-entry ticket available: the velký okruh or long tour (350Kč), which gives you entry to most sights, including the Old Royal Palace, the Basilica and Convent of sv Jiří, the Prague Castle Picture Gallery and the Zlatá ulička; and the malý okruh or short tour (250Kč), which only covers the Old Royal Palace, the Basilica of sv Jiří and the Zlatá ulička. Tickets are valid for two days and available from several places, including the main information centre in the third courtyard, opposite the cathedral, where you can also rent an English-language audioguide (200Kč for 2hr).

Prague Castle Photoshoot

Blooming Trees Photoshoot in Prague

Prague Cherry Blossom Photoshoot

Spring is arriving to Prague. Flowering trees are now on the way to full bloom. It is a great time to take photos with beautiful colours in the nature. Here there are some places we suggest for the bossom trees Petrin Hill, Vojan Gardens, Havlickovy Sady, Stramovka and Letna Park.

How Long Does the Blossom Tree Photoshoot takes in Prague?

It depends on the tour it can take 1 hour to up to 6 hours. We can visit several historical and beautiful gardens with the view points in Prague. If you want we can have the Historical places & Blooming Trees tour at the same time. Please contact for more detail blossom photoshoot in Prague.

Where To Find The Best Cheery Blossom & Rose Garden in Prague

The best place to all around of Prague. We walk through this areas with so many orchards and historical Baroque Gardens. As we have mentioned up of th page *Petrin, *Vojan Gardens, *Havlickovy Sady, *Stramovka and Letna one of the best spots near by Prague center.

When is the best time for Blooming trees photoshoot

The best time to photograph cherry, apple, pear blossoms fields is at sunrise or sunset, in my opinion. The light is soft and diffused in the morning, or rich in the evenings. The sun is low enough in the sky to not so crazy long shadows down the orchards or make splotchy patches of light, which can be really hard to shoot around since the trees are tall.

Check Sunset&Sunrise times in Prague

Prague “Sunset and Sunrise” Times in April

Prague April Sunset And Sunrise Times 1 April sunrise is starting 06:39 and sunset is 19:33, 30th of April is 05:40am for sunrise and 20:19 is for Sunset. Here you can find another days.