Business Portrait Photoshoot

Corporate Portraits

Unlike our corporate headshot photography our corporate & business portraiture is photographed as a personal photo session and can be taken individually or in groups.

Our client Maurizio required some headshots & portraits for your portfolio and wished for some images that he could use with their public relations & presentations. Rather than have headshot images taken against a standard white background he wished for more approachable informal images taken in a business street environment.

Prague Headshot photoshoot


Following a consultation we decided to photograph the images on-location depends on your request.

What is a headshot Photoshoot for Businesses?

A professional headshot typically means a portrait of a person showing their head and shoulders, most often for busienss ‘about us’ pages or for social media profiles. Sometimes called a ‘head and shoulders’ portrait or a ‘profile portraits’.

Prague headshoot photographer

Clients sometimes ask for a 3/4 length portrait or even full length. This is something to discuss on first organizing the meeting..

Other things to consider before the headshot session is the ‘style‘ of the headshot.

Most headshot photographers would be happy to provide you final images in colour and black and white, I certainly don’t mind.

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