Church of Mikuláš or Nicholas (Prague Malostranska Namesti)

Towering above the square, and the whole of Malá Strana, is the church of sv Mikuláš or St Nicholas

When is it Open?

March–October 9am–5pm; Nov–Feb 9am–4pm; 70Kč),

Magnificent Baroque building in the city, and one of the last great structures to be built on the left bank, begun in 1702. This was the most prestigious commission of Christoph Dientzenhofer, a German immigrant from a dynasty of Bavarian architects, and is, without doubt, his finest work. For the Jesuits, who were already ensconced in the adjoining college, it was their most ambitious project yet in Bohemia, and the ultimate symbol of their stranglehold on the country.

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