FAQ about Prague Photoshoot Session

Fast / Express Delivery service

We have express delivery service 24h. Please check the availability for the service. And Contact us.

What Type of Document we are delivering?

We are delivering high Quality JPEG photos, which you can print them up to A3 size paper.

Are we delivering RAW Files?

If you would like to purchase RAW files please let us know at the beginning and you can buy the selected files RAW files or all other good ones (with all emotions). It’s 30€ extra.

How Many Days Photos Will be Available to Download?

Photos will be available on my webpage or Drive 90 days. Please be sue that you have download at the safe place.

Is Prague Safe for Solo Traveller?

Prague is one of the safest city in Europe. Sure it’s safe for solo travellers. Here you can find solo traveller photos.

Are we taking photos in Winter time?

Yes we are. Prague winters are special, amazing view points, good coffee shops, beautiful gardens, swans and peacocs. You can see Prague Winter photos here;