First Birthday Celebration Photoshoot Ideas

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Here are some ideas for a first birthday celebration photoshoots in Prague. hopefully they will give you an idea to celebrate one of the imporant day for your family…

  • Cake Smash: A classic first birthday photoshoot idea, a cake smash allows your little one to get messy and have fun while celebrating their first year. You can choose a cake that matches the theme of your party or photoshoot, and include balloons and other decorations in the background.
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Prague Family Photoshoot, smash the cake

  • Balloon themed: Balloon themed photoshoot is a great way to capture your little one’s excitement and wonder. You can have your little one sitting or standing surrounded by colorful balloons or have them hold or play with a large balloon.
  • Family Portrait Photoshoot: A family portrait is a great way to commemorate your little one’s first birthday and document the love and joy of your family. You can include your little one’s favorite toys or other sentimental items in the background for a more personal touch.
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Prague family photoshoot with prague castle view behind

  • Outdoor Adventure: If your little one is an adventurous spirit, consider an outdoor photoshoot in Prague. This can include a picnic in the park (Possible locations Stromovka, Vojan, Vrtba, Petrin Hill etc.) , a trip to the beach, or even a hike in the woods. The natural setting will provide a beautiful backdrop for your little one’s first birthday celebrations.

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Handsome Azeri & Polish boy Adnan’s 2nd year phoshoot on Letna Park

  • Storybook theme: Create a storybook-inspired photoshoot featuring your little one as the main character. This can include costumes, props, and backdrops that reflect the storybook theme.
  • Alphabet theme: Use the letters of the alphabet to create a fun and educational first birthday photoshoot. You can incorporate letters into the background, props, and even your little one’s clothing to spell out their name or create a fun word or phrase.
  • Animal-themed: Animal-themed photoshoot is another way to capture your little one’s first year. You can use stuffed animals, animal-inspired clothing, or even a visit to a petting zoo or farm to create a fun and unique photoshoot.
  • Dress up: Dress up your little one in a cute costume or special outfit, such as a tutu or a suit and tie, for a fun and playful first birthday photoshoot.

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  • Sports-themed: If your little one is already showing an interest in a particular sport, consider a sports-themed photoshoot. This can include props such as a mini basketball hoop, baseball bat, or soccer ball, as well as clothing and accessories that match the sport.
  • Studio: Create a beautiful studio setting for your little one’s first birthday photoshoot. This can include a plain background, a decorated background, or even a themed background.


Outdoor photoshoot with gorgeous family Molly & Nate and baby James! We celebrated his first birthday and caught the moments to remember forever…

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