Graduation Photoshoot in Prague

Prague Graduation Photograpy

“Do you photograph college graduating seniors too, because I really love your work!”

Um…ABSOLUTELY, I’d love to!!! and there began to shooting in Prague for Senior Portrait and other graduations.

In addition to being photographed in many of the iconic Prague locations like the Old Town Square, Charles Bridge Dancing house, National Library and Broque parks… being the creative soul we will get ideas in for the portrait session. Or you can just let me to organize the route for it.

How Long Graduation Photography Sessions?

Sessions might take 1 to 3 hours. It depends on you if you are with you friends it might take longer! For solo we can get some great photos in an hour!

Prague Beautiful Solo Model Photoshoot

Prague solo german personal branding

Prague solo photoshoot

Prague solo photoshoot

Prague solo dutch model girls photoshoot. Cool photos around Old Town Prague

Prague solo senior photoshoot

Prague solo senior photoshoot

Dancing house solo model shoot

Solo Model Photoshoot in Walledstein Palace Garden

YOU CAN ALSO BUY FOR A GIFT CARD for your friend, daugher or son(=

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