Kampa Island

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Kampa Park in The Island

This park island between the Vltava River and its side branch, Čertovka, where you can see the big mill wheel from 15th century former Grand Priory Mill.

Charles Bridge Stairs (Direct Connection with the Bridge)

One of the most Picturesque places in Prague beautiful simetry and historical view…

Not surprisingly, the prestigious traveler’s server Virtual Tourist declared it the second most beautiful city island in the world. Grassy areas of the island are widely used for picnics and relaxation. And you can see many locals with their dog running around or playing.

Kampa Island View Points

Liechtenstein Palace on Kampa

The Lichtenštejnský palác on Kampa Island is one of two palaces in Prague that formerly belonged to the Princely Family of Liechtenstein.

The Kampa Island palace has occasionally hosted events, but it is the more centrally-located “Lichtenštejnský palác”, the Liechtenstein Palace on the Malostranské náměstí, now a music conservatory, which is better known as a concert venue.

prague Liechtenstein Palace kampa island park

Kampa Park

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Yellow Penguens Prague

The yellow penguins by the Cracking Art Group made an appearance on a metal beam over the Vltava River in late 2016. Technically a part of an exhibition by the Museum Kampa, they light up at night.

Kampa Museum

One of Prague’s most unique museums, Museum Kampa is dedicated to modern European art. The museum houses a significant collection of works by František Kupka and by Otto Gutfreund, one of the country’s most renowned sculptors. In addition to paintings, expect huge red dogs, a giant chair over the river, and other very unique displays.

Small Venice

The canal that runs under Charles Bridge and through Kampa is known as Certovka River, While you can’t walk alongside the canal, boat tours will take you along it so you can snap pictures of the old houses many of which are former mills flanking it.

Prague's Small - Little Venice view point at Kampa Island

Prague’s Small – Little Venice view point at Kampa Island


Charles Bridge Archs

prague kampa park charles bridge view



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