Mandy & Marcus: A Love Story and Proposal Featured on CNN Travel Page!

mandy marcus proposal in prague 1

“Last spring, I had the incredible opportunity to capture the enchanting love story of a beautiful couple in the heart of Prague. The remarkable journey of Mandy and Marcus, an American and Finnish pair, who began as strangers sharing an apartment, is a tale that resonates with us all.

Their story, penned by the talented Francesca Street and featured on CNN International‘s travel platform, unveils the captivating narrative of ‘Two strangers who moved into an apartment in Prague and then fell in love.’ It was my privilege to proudly capture their most cherished moments (the day when he propose to her) in Prague, and these captivating photos are now showcased on CNN International’s travel page. Join us as we celebrate a love story that transcends borders and captures the magic of Prague.”

mandy marcus proposal in prague 1 scaled mandy marcus proposal in prague 2 cnn travel kemal onur ozman

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