Northern Thailand – Backpaking

Welcome to Northern Thailand Story

It’s been already 7 years since I have visited Thailand. In this photo story you can see Elephant Tour (Riding Elephant, feeding, walking around mountains…) and National park visit where tradional coffee agriculture still continues…

Storie PHotos

Elephant Tour

Long long time ago I have done this tour, it was awesome and I didn’t feel/see any bad behaviour (Animal abuse) from people to elephants… But few years later I have read that those type of experiences are not good for animals!… I wouldn’t do it again this tour! If you are thinking about this type of tour make sure that there is no ABUSE!

Natıonal Park & Locals

I’m not sure if anybody is still using Couchsurfing (After airbnb I guess it’s falling) but at that time it was amazing way to meet locals, travel around with them and also save money…

Coffee Beans & Betel Chew

National park stands 1,000m above sea level, Ban Huai Hom and is surrounded by rolling mountains and trees. The village location and pleasant weather, which is about 20C on average all-year round, are suitable factors for growing coffee and rearing sheep.

Elephant tour wıth Hostel Friends

Elephants are under chain
Elephants are under chain
Feeding elephants with banana:)
Sometimes I was catching the banana before it reach to the Elephant:)

After becomıng friends
Let's Ride an Elephant!

First ride, around beautiful historical tree...
Looks delicious doesn't it? 🙂
Cooking is always good:)
Am I so big or those cabins are small:)
Those are our bamboo mugs!
Traditional bamboo houses at the mountain
You can find anything in the mountains!
Traditional bamboo houses at the mountain

Huai Nam Dang Natıonal Park
Tradional Center

Huai Nam Dang National Park
Sunrise at the national park
Beautiful pig:)
Coffee at the branch
Traditional cloth and she was chewing Bethel. In a rural hill tribe in Northern Thailand, a villager smiles with stained teeth from her Betel Chew
Fresh Coffee Beans
Beautiful long trees...
Before you get Arabica coffee you can try it there!

Next journey is on the way...