Obora Hvězda (Star Shape Building & Hunting Area)

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This large park, with three majestic tree-lined avenues that served as entertainment and hunting for Renaissance aristocracy, is today a place where you go for walks with the dogs to relax, jog, ride a bike, ski or play on the playground with your kids/family.

The area has maintained its atmosphere, thanks in part of the summer palace with its atypical six-pointed star (hvězda) shape  from which both the park and the palace get their names.

Well House Obora Hvezda:

In the middle part of the Hvězda Game Reserve, you will find a Well House which was used to supply water to the park administrator’s house. The well is more than 32 m deep.

History of the Place:

Nearby Bílá hora, there is a game preserve named Hvězda (Star) spread on 86.5 ha; the original name was Nová (New) to distinguish from the Royal Game Preserve in Bubeneč. It is situated 320 – 370 m above sea level. It was established by Ferdinand I on a land plot belonging to the Břevnov Monastery in a forest named Malejov in 1534 (Prague.eu).


Where is the Park Location?

Historical park located in West side of the Prague.

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