Prague Parks

A Cozy Autumn Day in Prague Beautiful German Girls Photoshoot

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In the heart of Prague, amidst the charming streets and historic architecture, we captured the simple beauty of autumn with two delightful German girls. Dressed in warm, stylish outfits, they explored the city’s parks and iconic landmarks, creating a visual story that echoed the warmth of the season. The vibrant colors of fall provided a […]

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Vrtbovska (Vrtba) Garden – Prague

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Prague The Vrtbovska (Vrtba) Garden is a unique landscape architectural gem, openned to visit for visitors. It’s one of four Baroque gardens in Prague (Lobkowicka, Vratislavska and Schoenberska). Together with three other Baroque gardens (Vratislav, Schönborn and Lobkowicz), the Vrtba Garden is situated on the slope of Petřín Hill and is one of the most precious […]

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Blooming Trees Photoshoot in Prague

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Prague Cherry Blossom Photoshoot Spring is arriving to Prague. Flowering trees are now on the way to full bloom. It is a great time to take photos with beautiful colours in the nature. Here there are some places we suggest for the bossom trees Petrin Hill, Vojan Gardens, Havlickovy Sady, Stramovka and Letna Park. How […]

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Letna Park – History and Photography Tour

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Letná Park (in Czech Letenské sady) is a large park on Letná hill, built on a plateau above steep embankments along the Vltava River in Prague, Czech Republic. Letná’s elevation and location afford commanding views of the Prague Old Town (Staré Město). Letna Park is a great location for photography because of its scenic views […]

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Winter view by Vltava River Prague (Náplavka)

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The most attractive and liveliest place on the banks of the Vltava river in downtown Prague. Those who come here get a beautiful view of the Charles Bridge, Hradčany Castle, Old Town Bridge Tower, and beautiful panoramas, making it a place much sought after by tourists.

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Petřín Hill’s Hidden Church (Orthodox & Wooden)

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Church of the Archangel Michael at Petřín (Chrám sv. archanděla Michaela na Petříně) This small Orthodox church (wooden) with a shingled roof, situated in the Kinsky Gardens (Just Near Petrin), is a typical folk wooden log building from Subcarpathian Russia of the 18th century, today Zakarpatí in Ukraine. It was moved to Prague from Medvedovce near Mukachevo, […]

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One of Prague’s Hospital Hosting Beautiful Mouflons

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If you are looking for interesting park experience in Prague here you go! You can see those wild animals in Prague’s Thomayerova Hospital garden!

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Petrin Park (Prague) – Photo Walk Tour

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Petrin Park History & Photography Places The name Petrin – Petřínská rozhledna (Petrin Tower) the hill know as Petřín used to have different names in the past. First it was called Hora (Mountain), Kopec (Hill) or St. Lawrence Hill according to the church on its top. The name Petřín was derived from the mountainous surface of […]

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Divoká Šárka Park – Prague

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History of Divoka Sarka Park Around the 6th century the Slavs came to this area. In the 7th to 9th centuries was above the Džbán gorge a Slavic settlement, with an area of approximately 20 ha (3 ha fortified settlement). A gorge in the area is named after the female warrior Šárka, who, according to […]

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Prague 3-5 Hours Photography Tour Route

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Are you looking for best photography places? Here is the route for Prague Historical Places. It depends on your enjoyment on the way to the route it can take a round 3-5 hours to finish and see everywhere which pinned on the map. If you just enjoy at that place and have some photos with […]

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