Prague Photo Walking Tour

Prague has many hidden or well known places, you can explore them while l’ll be taking photos of you. l’ll hit the streets of Prague seeking for the most beautiful and hidden places with nice or artistic views. Of course I can’t visit all interesting places but we’ll try to show you the most interesting treasures in Prague.

This experience is for couples, families and solo travellers who want to walk around and explore amazing places here in Prague with photographer.

I love taking photos and I’d love to share this passion with you. To keep this experience unique there will be maximum 2-8 people attending each event (It’s private and depends on your group). Just let us know your expectations and I’ll do everything possible to make them.

I’ll even give you some space to take amazing photos with your own camera or mobile phone and help you if you want to. You’ll get a drink to worm you up. At the end of our tour you’ll end up with amazing images which we’ll provide you in few days. Let’s have some fun and catch your best moments in Prague!

Prague photo walk album;

Prague Photo Walking Tour
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