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Anniversary Milestone in Prague: Celebrating Significant Anniversaries with Professional Photoshoots

prague beautiful taiwanese couple pre wedding photos 169

Outline for “Anniversary Milestone in Prague: Celebrating Significant Anniversaries with Professional Photoshoots” Heading Subheadings Introduction – The importance of celebrating anniversaries – Why Prague is the perfect backdrop The Significance of Anniversary Milestones – Reflecting on the journey together – The role of milestones in strengthening relationships Why Choose Prague for Your Anniversary Photoshoot? – […]

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Urban Love Story Photography in Prague


Outline for “Urban Love Story in Prague: Utilizing the Cityscape as a Dynamic Backdrop for Couple’s Photography” Heading Subheading Introduction to Urban Love Stories – The allure of Prague’s cityscape – The significance of setting in love stories The Essence of Prague in Love Photography – Historical landmarks as symbols of enduring love – The […]

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Salzburg Destination Photography

salzburg destination couple wedding photography 6

Heading Sub-heading Introduction to Salzburg Destination Photography – Overview of Salzburg’s charm  – Salzburg’s historical significance <br> – The allure for photographers The Birthplace of Mozart – Exploring Mozart’s Salzburg  – Locations linked to Mozart’s life Capturing the Baroque Beauty – Iconic baroque architecture– Tips for photographing architectural details Hohensalzburg Fortress Through the Lens – […]

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Vienna Destination Photography

vienna destination photographer 2

Heading Sub-Headings Introduction to Vienna Destination Photography – The allure of Vienna- What makes Vienna a top destination for photographers The Historical Essence of Vienna – Capturing Vienna’s imperial past- Iconic historical sites and how to photograph them Vienna’s Architectural Marvels – Modern vs. traditional architecture- Tips for architectural photography in Vienna The Vibrant Street […]

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Drone Photography: Unveiling Prague’s Beauty from a Bird’s-Eye View

prague drone photograpy in autumn by kemal onur ozman

Elevate your photography to new heights with our expert guide on drone photography in Prague. Discover the breathtaking beauty of Prague from a bird’s-eye view and capture stunning, unique perspectives of this historic city. Drone photography has revolutionized the way we capture the world, offering new perspectives and breathtaking views that were once impossible to […]

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Old Town & Charles Bridge: Night Photography Tour & Illuminations

prague christmas photos old town december snowy 11

Discover the magic of Prague by night with our exclusive guide on the Old Town & Charles Bridge Night Photography Tour. Uncover the secrets to capturing the city’s breathtaking illuminations and create stunning memories of your journey. Prague transforms as the sun sets, with its historic Old Town and majestic Charles Bridge taking on a […]

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Essential & Economical Food Photography Gear for Novices

mumtaz canteen delisious uzbek food 4

Heading Subheading Introduction to Food Photography for Novices – The Importance of Good Gear Understanding the Basics of Food Photography Gear – Camera Choices: DSLR vs. Mirrorless – Lenses: Prime vs. Zoom – Tripods and Stabilization Solutions Lighting Essentials for Food Photography – Natural Light vs. Artificial Light – Softboxes and Reflectors – LED Panels […]

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10 Tips for Stunning Prague Photography: Capture the Beauty of the City of a Hundred Spires

prague winter photos by the photographer kemal onur ozman 2

Are you planning to take pictures of the charming city of Prague? Here are 10 tips for stunning Prague photography to help you capture its beauty. Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is a city of a hundred spires, bridges, and stunning architecture. It’s no wonder that photographers flock to this city to capture […]

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Prague Proposals: A Love Story in Winter

beautiful christmas winter marriage proposal in prague 21

Romantic Prague: Where Love Blossoms Prague, with its charming streets and timeless beauty, is a dream setting for love stories. As a photographer here, capturing proposals is a joy, and Teddy & Marie’s story is one for the books. Teddy & Marie: A Perfect Moment by Charles Bridge Teddy planned a dream proposal near Charles […]

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January Sunset and Sunrise Times in Prague

prague sunset sunrise times 2020 2021

Sunset Times: Early January: Around 4:30 PM Mid-January: Around 4:45 PM Late January: Around 5:00 PM Sunrise Times: Early January: Around 7:45 AM Mid-January: Around 7:30 AM Late January: Around 7:15 AM Average Celsius Degrees in January in Prague: In January, Prague experiences winter temperatures with average highs ranging from -1 to 3 degrees Celsius […]

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