Prague Tinder Photographer

Professional photoshoot for Tinder

We all know that professional photography attracts the attention on your Dating Apps. In 2023, it’s becoming increasingly important. We have the tools to provide high-quality professional photos and an excellent photoshoot experience in Prague. After booking a Dating App Photoshoot with us, we will have a short zoom, whatsapp call conversation about your expectations, what you are looking for on Dating App and as well we will help you to choose the right outfit.

Tinder Photoshoot Locations in Prague

Together we will choose the location where to take photos. It’s also possible your personal skills for instance if you play basketball we can take some photos at the open area showing your interest. After the call we will send you email with meeting place. Because of my background working side by side with models, my clients appreciate my directions in front of the camera.

  • Are you meeting the caliber of people you would like?
    Most people have never been professionally photographed which means most people don’t have images created specifically to convey the right message. You would like that slightly blurry picture of you on the ski slope to say “I’m a great guy” but it only says, “I like to ski.” There is an art and a science to this. Invest in getting it done right.

  • Is your profile cobbled together with a bunch of out-of-date photos?
    Don’t use pictures that are more than two years old.

    Don’t use photos that include someone of the opposite sex that is younger than your grandparent.
    Don’t use group shots with more than four people in them.
    Don’t open with a picture where your eyes are not visible —- i.e, no sunglass.
    Don’t include images that require an explanation (e.g., not my kid/dog/boat/boyfriend).

What to Wear for Tinder Photoshoot

The most important thing is for you to feel comfortable and confident. If hoodies and jeans is your daily uniform, we can make it work. if you are a suits guy, bring it. You can rock any look with the right attitude.

With that said, here are some things to keep in mind.

  1. Make sure the shirts and t-shirts are pressed, neat and free of stains.

  2. 2-3 pairs of pants (any variety but no yoga pants, sweat, or alike).

  3. At least one button down shirt. With jacket, without jacket — that depends on you and your vibe.

  4. Leather jackets, sweaters, any outerwear laying options are all excellent. Think of outwear for Spring or Fall, those transitional pieces.

  5. Bring at least one light-colored outfit and one dark. One for a lighter season and one for warmer.

  6. Ladies, insider Tinder stats show that images of you in Spring Summer clothing performs better. I would recommend bringing one top where you are showing some skin, be it tank top or short sleeved.

  7. Bright colors also perform better for ladies overall than dark colors. However (and this is speaking as someone who has a closet of black on black) — if colors don’t suit, don’t do it.

  8. Think in terms of mix-and-match top and bottoms rather than entire outfits. One entire outfit is great – be it a suit (or sports jacket) for the men and a dress for the ladies or some combination thereof.

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