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Upside-Down Horse – Prague

Upside-Down Statue of King Wenceslas Riding a Dead Horse

New Town, Wenceslas Square, Lucerna arcade; polystyrene statue by David Černý was originally created for the installation in the court of the Main Post Office in Jindřišská Street as a part of Exhibition CZ 99. In 2000 it was installed in the passage Lucerna.

St Wenceslas sits on the stomach of the horse, turned with his head downwards (equestrian statue), he has tied legs, reminiscent of a captured animal.


The Most Popular Places for Daily Trip Around Prague

The most popular destinations for daily trips are the castles of Karlštejn and Konopiště, both surrounded by beautiful wooded countryside. Alternatively you can head north, away from the hills and the tourist crowds, to the wine town of Mělník, perched high above the confluence of the Vltava and Labe (Elbe) rivers. Further north is Terezín, the wartime Jewish ghetto that is a living testament to the Holocaust. One of the most popular day-trips is to the medieval silver-mining (area) town of Kutná Hora, 60km to the east of Prague, which boasts a glorious Gothic cathedral and a macabre ossuary.

How to Save Money at Prague Hotels

Many hotels set their prices depending on the koruna’s market rate against the euro, so prices change frequently.

Czech hotel reception attendants have little interest in haggling over room rates. Usually they don’t have authorization to veer away from the listed rates, and few have been instructed to jiggle the price in order to make a sale. However, times are changing as occupancy rates fluctuate and competition increases. Your best chance for getting a better rate is calling in advance and getting a very senior manager (preferably the owner) to book your room. Be clear that you’re looking at other proper- ties and don’t be afraid to say that price does matter.

Check with a few other places first before making a final decision. In each case, ask how many rooms they still have available for the night. If it sounds as though there are plenty of rooms around town, you’re in a great negotiating position. Then find the manager at the place you want and push him or her for a lower rate. You can also seek a higher discount for a longer stay.