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Subjective Mapping – France – Brivezac Atlas

Artists, educators, architects, landscapers and activists have created adventure maps, emotion maps, exploratory maps, digital maps, olfactory maps, literary maps and much more. Why “subjective” maps? We create these maps in order to shake geographical conventions and propose alternative representations of the world in which we live,and to present the diverse ways of living and seeing the world.

As Rennie J. says, “Maps are neither mirrors of nature nor neutral transmitters of universal truths. They are narratives with a purpose, stories with an agenda. They contain silences as well as articulations, secrets as well as knowledge, lies as well as truth”

Litia City, Design Guideline (2017)

The Litija Municipality Design Guideline is an important part of implementation strategy.

The guideline have goals, objectives and recommendations for existing and future condition.

Litija design guideline has 3 headlines (Street, Bike Lane and Building ) 17 subheading;  Neigborhood Street, 1&2 way Street, Bus Stop, Bilboard, Sidewalk, Parking, Paving, Benches, Lighting, Planting, Buffered&Conventional Bike Lane, Bycycle Signals, One Way Protected Cycle Tract, Air Path, Height Profile, Orientation of Building and Colors.

Istanbul Sariyer Municipalty Landscape Design 

  • Project about Sustainable Botanical Park Design in Istanbul. Designed 2014-2050 how it will be change and how we can protect the area.

haci-osman-istanbul-botanical-park-project-2 haci-osman-istanbul-botanical-park-project-3  haci-osman-istanbul-botanical-park-project

IPA(International Play Association) Playground Area Design Project (Istanbul, mar-jun 2014)

  • Safety, educational, ecological, accessible and functional design for all ages childs.

-Particiated in Sunset Senato Master Plan Project (Vietnam, Jan 2014)

  • Designed street lights,
  • Drawn to water and electric city plan.
  • Landmark area idea, designed and drawn. -Functional fountain design

-Bartin University Sustainable & Green Campus Design Project (Bartin, Feb-Jul 2013) 

  • Eco-friendly measures are the use of solar cells, wast recycling, biking in the new campus, using wind power energy…

bartin-university-green-campus-designa-2bartin-university-green-campus-designa bartin-university-green-campus-designa-3bartin-university-green-campus-designa-4

-Sustainable Library Desing for Bartin University


-Sustainable Urban Design (Karabuk City, Turkey) (2012)

-Municapality of Bartın City (Bartın, 2012) (Department of Garden Work)

-TOKI Building Complex Landscape Design(2011)

-Ortakent Yahsi Municipality Project (Bodrum, Turkey) 2011 Artvin Sarp Border Gate Area Landscape Project (Uctea Chamber of Landscape Architectures)(Artvin, 2011)

-Bartın University 2011-2012 Photographer, 360 Degree Virtual Tour -West Black Sea Development as a Photographer (Blacksea Region Turkey, 2012) -Erol GÜLER’s House Landscape Design (2010)