Svatopluk Čech Bridge – Prague

prague castle and bridges view Svatopluk Čech Bridge

The Bridge Which near by The Charles Bridge – Svatopluk Čech Bridge

Construction of the bridge started in 1905 and finished in 1908. Its length is 169 m (one of the shortest in Prague) and width is 16 m.

Bridge Photos by Kemal Onur Ozman

The bridge connects the Prague districts Holešovice and the Old Town (Staré Město). Construction materials are stone (pillars) and iron (arches). Up to 1961 the roadway was made of wood – a hard species named Jarrah from Australia. The roadway got very slippery during rains.

prague solo photographer nigerian model photoshoot 3

Photos from Svatopluk Čech Bridge

Bridge architects were Jan Koula and Jiří Soukup. Art Nouveau style sculptures (including four put on 17.5-m-high pylons) were created by sculptors Klusáček, Wurzel, Popp and Amort.

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