The Stone Bell House

The Stone Bell House is a historical building located in the Old Town of Prague, Czech Republic. It is a popular venue for Prague weddings and other events due to its unique architecture and central location. The building was originally constructed in the 13th century, and has undergone many renovations and changes over the centuries.
Stone bell house Prague

Stone bell house Prague View

The Stone Bell House features a beautiful garden, which is a perfect place for a romantic ceremony and reception. Inside, the building has several rooms available for rent, each with its own unique character and charm. The Great Hall, for example, is a large and elegant space with high ceilings and beautiful frescoes, while the Small Hall is a more intimate space that can accommodate smaller groups.

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The Stone Bell House also offers a variety of services and amenities to help make your wedding day perfect. They have a catering service and can provide a range of equipment and decorations to suit your needs. They also have a team of professional event planners who will work with you to make sure your wedding is exactly as you want it.

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Please keep in mind that information might be outdated and it’s better to check official website or contact them directly for more current information.

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