The Weather in Prague in March

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In March, the weather in Prague can still be quite cold with the average high temperature reaching about 9°C (48°F) and the average low temperature dropping to around 1°C (33°F). It’s not uncommon to experience cold, windy and overcast days during this time of the year.

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Here are the average daytime temperatures (excluding nights) in Prague during the month of March, broken down by week:

Week 1 (March 1-7):

  • Average daytime temperature: 4°C to 8°C (39°F to 46°F)

Week 2 (March 8-14):

  • Average daytime temperature: 6°C to 11°C (43°F to 52°F)

Week 3 (March 15-21):

  • Average daytime temperature: 8°C to 14°C (46°F to 57°F)

Week 4 (March 22-28):

  • Average daytime temperature: 11°C to 16°C (52°F to 61°F)

Week 5 (March 29-31):

  • Average daytime temperature: 12°C to 17°C (54°F to 63°F)

Please note that these are just average temperatures and actual temperatures may vary based on weather patterns and other factors. Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind that nighttime temperatures can be significantly cooler than daytime temperatures, so be sure to pack accordingly.

Despite the colder temperatures, March can still be a beautiful time to visit Prague as the city begins to transition from winter to spring. The days gradually become longer and the trees and flowers start to bloom. Just be sure to pack warm clothing and waterproof gear to prepare for the colder and wetter weather.

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