Vacation Photographer

Hi welcome to Prague, which is feeling to me that you are going to have a “time back travel”.  Prague is astonishing city! All historical buildings, parks and details are preserved perfectly! We will travel those beautiful locations together and I’ll deliver you unforgettable memories by digital photographs your grandson will remember forever!

prague big family tour and photoshoot 5


How Long is the Vacation Photoshoot Take?

It depends on our photo session it can take 1 hour to 4 hours. If you ask me to have a good vacation souvenir in Prague at least 1.5h. to know each other and have an amazing shoots! prague vacation photoshoot

Raina & Colin’s Family photoshoot:)

What is the Tour Route Options?

We have three beautiful routes. They are focused on “Landmarks”, “Nature” and “Nature & History” mix.

How much Vacation Photography Cost?

It’s also about the time and group. Cost is starting from 1500CZK (60€). And changing with the photoshoot plan. You can see the prices here for Solo, Coupe or Family Shoots;

About me

I’m a professional photographer, traveler and nature lover PhD candide for landscape architect. I will help you to capture your memories from this amazing city!

Why Do you need a Vacation Photographer?

I’m a Prague lover and I’ll be showing you around hidden places, gardens, landmarks and beautiful stories…! I’m so excited to meeting you! Second reason you will have an amazing photo that you can keep them forever, and I will share few photos in 24 hours that you can share with your family and friends! Print them A3 size and they will look still amazing! And you will have the full album in 10 days!

prague couple photographer

Some of Vacation Photography Photos

Here it’s some of my photos or if you want more you can visit portfolio page.